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Molimo prijavite se, kako bi koristili napredne značajke za identifikaciju stavke.


Version 2.0.4

  • Part identification updated for Mercedes Benz vehicles
  • Displaying problems in Internet Explorer are fixed
  • Various optimizations and bug fixes

Version 2.0.3

  • Vehicle-specific parts, remembered and ordered items are now clearly marked in the vehicle overview.
  • It is now possible to remove the articles from the watch list and the order history of the vehicle file with just a mouse click in the article box
  • Own vehicle files can now be copied
  • Functions "Copy vehicle file" and "Delete vehicle file" can be selected directly via the toolbar of the vehicle file under "Additional functions" (...)
  • Own and administrated vehicle files are listed in the customer account in the vehicle data overview
  • Vehicle files can be created via list import in the customer account
  • Various optmizations and errors corrected

Version 2.0.2

  • LIVE search of vehicle files is now also possible without formatting characters and without capitalization
  • LIVE search of vehicle files now considers the customer account selection in the webshop frontend for employees of the shop owner
  • Various optmizations and errors corrected

Version 2.0.1

  • Creation of vehicle file with license plate is now possible
  • Function of deleting vehicle file is implemented
  • Items out of watch list and order history of the vehicle file can be reordered now
  • Improved messaging regarding data protection available
  • Various optmizations and errors corrected

Version 2.0

Digital business processes for very easy ordering of spare parts. This will become reality with the digital vehicle file and QR.VIN. 

Just in time for Automechanika: Since today we are online with (demo shop) as well as in version 2.0. Here is all the news and innovations at a glance:

1. Introduction of the electronic vehicle file for trucks, trailers, buses and vans

  • Automatic vehicle file installation by entering the chassis number in the shop
  • Vehicle file can be completed with information such as license plate number, vehicle name, manufacturer and model information, individual notes etc.
  • For trailers, axle numbers can be maintained and fixed for spare part identification
  • Comfortable LIVE search of vehicle records using VIN, license plate number, vehicle name, QR code
  • Vehicle-specific parts lists can be maintained for each vehicle file
  • Article favorites can be conveniently added per vehicle file in the shop
  • Order histories per vehicle file are generated and displayed automatically
  • Chassis number or license plate number will be transferred to the shopping cart as a reference to the article (for easy assignment when receiving goods in the workshop)
  • Introduction of the vehicle-related collaboration function e.g. for workshop employees, fleet managers, drivers, etc. to exchange repair-related information, such as "rear light left broken. Please order spare part for workshop appointment next Thursday."
  • Notification options configurable for changes per vehicle
  • Rights management for the vehicle file (approval and invitation of external users).


2. Introduction of QR.VIN for easy access to vehicle files

  • Linking a vehicle file with a QR sticker for trucks, trailers, buses and vans in seconds (stickers available via web shop operators)
  • Easy access to the vehicle file with any QR app (possibly with the camera app of the smartphone possible)
  • Possibility to release vehicle files also for external users, such as fleet managers or drivers.


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